Premium Chilled Still & Sparkling Water for Restaurants

Provide your restaurant customers with superior tasting still and sparkling water purified straight from your tap. These carbonated water systems for restaurants are a modern and more profitable alternative to packaged bottled water.

Increased revenue and greater profit opportunities

Sold to the consumer as a per head or per table cover charge, Purezza generates extra revenue on water for restaurants and improves the venue’s value offering to its guests.

Purezza for restaurants

Purezza bottle

Hassle-free service & easy installation

Avoid any costly disruptions in your service delivery with our comprehensive service and maintenance packages. With nationwide coverage and a variety of service options, you can choose the right installation package for still and sparkling water systems for your restaurant.

Beautiful crafted bottles

As well as being elegantly designed, our bottles are reusable and more environmentally sustainable than plastic bottles. When it comes to serving still and sparkling water in restaurants, they really are the perfect choice.

Purezza bottle


Environmentally sustainable

Reduce waste whilst increasing revenue. Our Purezza systems connect directly to your main water supply, alleviating the need for plastic bottles and reducing your carbon footprint.