Premium Chilled & Sparkling Water, On-Tap

The Purezza water system uses the latest technology and superior filtration to retain essential minerals and produce pure and chilled sparkling or still water on tap.

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Are you a restaurant owner? Find out how you could add value with Purezza

A contemporary replacement to table and bottled water

Enjoy premium quality and great tasting still and sparkling water on tap, without the environmental worries that come with plastic bottles.

Why Purezza?

Purezza premium water bottle

Great tasting still and sparkling water on tap

Purezza systems use the latest in filtration and carbonation technology. This guarantees beautifully balanced, high quality and great tasting water at your table, time after time.

Endless still and sparkling water on tap

A limitless supply of sparkling and still water for your customers, no need to reorder bottled water or worry about running out.

Purezza endless sparkling water

Reduce your carbon footprint with Purezza sparkling water

Purezza sparkling water bottle on a table at a restaurant next to wine glasses

Beautifully crafted bottles

Our reusable bottles add to the overall premium drinking water experience with their striking design. Being more environmentally sustainable than non-degradable plastic bottles, they really are the perfect choice.

Sustainable Choice

Reduce waste and increase revenue. All our Purezza systems are connected to your main water supply, eliminating the expensive need for environmentally damaging plastic bottles and significantly reducing your venues carbon foot print – all the while providing chilled still and sparkling water on tap!

Purezza sparkling water tap being used in a restaurant at a bar

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