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At Purezza, we're committed to creating long-term value for our customers through sustainable water dispensing solutions. The Purezza offering eliminates single-use bottles and significantly reduces transportation and logistics, helping reduce a venue’s negative impact on the environment.

Consumers are increasingly rejecting unsustainable practices and are seeking to support businesses that are more environmentally responsible.

Our vision is to lead the movement to remove 30 million single use bottles from the global hospitality supply chain annually and we are well progressed on achieving this target.

The hospitality industry is driving the change to make more ethical and environmentally responsible solutions. By integrating sustainable practices at your venue, you are reducing the amount of pre-packaged bottled water going to landfills, and taking a large step in the right direction to environmental sustainability.

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Thousands of restaurants, hotels and cafés globally, have joined us in reducing their environmental footprint and eliminating single-use bottles in their venues.

Since our inception, Purezza will have helped remove millions of single-use plastic and glass bottles from the hospitality supply chain

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Partnership with Green Key

Green Key is head-quartered in Copenhagen and operates through-out Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa and in some of The Americas.

Purezza has partnered with leading international eco-label Green Key with the aim of promoting sustainable water supply chains in the hospitality industry using filtered tap water solutions and reducing the use of single use plastic bottles.

Scott Mitchell, Global Head of Purezza, says: Our partnership with Green Key is an important and significant development for our brand. To partner with an organisation that so passionately shares our vision of sustainability in the hospitality sector is exciting, and we look forward to working with them to make a more sustainable future for our industry.

Finn Bolding Thomsen, Green Key International Director, adds: “We are happy to enter into the agreement with Purezza. We share the ambitions of promoting the use of on-site drinking water, while reducing the production and transportation of water in single-use plastic bottles that subsequently have to be treated as plastic waste.”

For more information about Green Key, visit www.greenkey.global